Weald Store love

Weald Store. How amazing is this online boutique?! Filled to the brim with beautiful pieces by independent designers. Be still my beating heart!

I have added pretty much everything in it to my wishlist but here are a few of my faves.

Too much gorgeousness for me to share everything but you can see more here.

Weald Store credits: Screen prints by Tom Frost    |   100% Wool picnic blanket   |   Journal  by Anna Bond


Hello *waves* Is anybody out there?

Phew, I've really disappeared from the world of social media these last few months. No blogging, no Instagramming, no tweeting (not that I did much to begin with) and absolute no Facebooking. Life offline has been rather busy (but in a good way). 

I've been fortunate enough to have picked up quite a few freelance design jobs - I was a graphic designer in another, pre-kids life ;-). It's been fantastic to be focussed on working again and I'm really hoping to pick up lots more work this year. (If you're interested you can see some of my designs here.) 

I've been lurking about online visiting all your blogs so I'm sort of up-to-date... and I'm planning to be back in this space more often so would love reconnect with all my old blogging friends. Stay tuned for more! Bye *waves*

Some of my designs



Yay, it's a giveaway!

I'm so excited to be participating in my 1st ever Instagram loop giveaway! Hello Olive Designs has teamed up with 7 amazing sellers to give you the chance of winning one of 7 fantastic prizes, including 5 Hello Olive Designs' prints of your choice. Yay! I love a giveaway! If you want to enter and have an Instagram account just find the original post on my @HelloOliveDesigns Instagram feed to find out how to enter. Good luck!
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