Toy storage roundup

This weekend I'm on a mission. A toy-clear-out-and-tidy-up-mission! My boys have accumulated more toys in the last few years than I ever had as a child. Cars, Lego and puzzles are a hit so I'll be saving all of those. We still have so many baby toys and now that O is 2 (and we don't plan on having any more kids) I'm going to round up all the toys they have outgrown and give it the local charity shop. And anything else that doesn't get played with is going too.

I hope I don't sound too harsh but I am feeling bogged down by stuff at the moment. I'll be attacking my cupboard and getting rid of some of my clothes too. Always so hard when there are 'good' clothes to be worn but they either don't fit any more - 2 kids can do that to you ;-) - or I simply don't like them any longer. So they're going too!

I'm super inspired by the awesome storage bags I've found. I especially like the brown paper bag trend I've been spotting on Etsy lately. I haven't seen anything similar locally* so for now our plastic storage tubs will have to do.

Toy storage image credits: Tellkiddo   |   It's For Kids   |   Love Joy Create

* And sadly I can't buy from overseas because our postal service is so unreliable. Post either doesn't arrive or takes months to get here.


  1. I don't think you sound harsh at all! I go through a big toy clear-out (and an art-supplies clear-out) every year or so. It just gets to be too much stuff everywhere and I need to clean up to feel better about my space. I think it's easy to have kids' stuff take over but we all live here together and that means we all have to mindful of how much stuff we're accumulating. That's my theory anyway, they don't always agree. :)

  2. Ooo I like these a lot! I've been looking for storage for my kids bits and bobs this week and this is exactly what I need - thanks for the heads up x

  3. Lovely designs and useful of course. Now it depends on the little one to remember putting the toys in after play. But they're lovely.

  4. Oh I love these, the first one is really cute! I could do with some better storage for the kids rooms, they have stuff everywhere at the moment. I could do with a clear out too, its much easier to keep tidy when they have less stuff!
    I'm so sorry I've only just answered your question about the treasures over on my blog - I totally forgot! I've been so crap lately, both with my own blog and keeping up with everyone elses. Hope all is good with you lovely. xxx


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