A visit to Giraffe House

Last weekend we bundled the boys in the car and took them to Giraffe House, a Wildlife Awareness Centre about 30 minutes outside of Cape Town. I've been there before, aaages ago, when Sam was about the same age as Oliver is now. Gosh, they had so much fun! In addition to the usual selection of farm animals there are zebras, crocodiles, monkeys, snakes and my personal favourite, a giraffe!

Gerry the giraffe is absolutely gorgeous! There's a Mr Giraffe too - a new addition - and he is currently being kept on the other side of the centre. All the fences between their enclosures have been removed to encourage Gerry to move to her new camp and her new mate in her own time. Awww... I'm hoping there'll be a little baby giraffe making an appearance soon :-)

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  1. I like giraffes, they are just the weirdest creatures ever. Our local park only opens in April but we are sure to visit as soon as possible. I am glad you had a lovely time.


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