Yay for Treasury Tuesday

Running a successful Etsy shop takes a lot of work. It doesn't matter how amazing your products are, if you don't get traffic to your shop, you won't make a sale. So besides constantly designing and updating my Hello Olive Designs shop, I've also been learning loads about SEO tags, products titles and how to promote my shop. One of my favourite resources is the Handmadeology site. It's absolutely filled with useful advice, tips and tools, so imagine my excitement when they chose my print to feature in their latest Etsy Tuesday treasury *squeal*

Below are a few of my favourite items - how adorable is the fox cardie? - but you can view the full treasury here. And if you have your own online shop, pop over to Handmadeology. A visit to their site is definitely worth it.

And just in case you were wondering, below is my print that was featured :-)

Image credits: Yay by Hello Olive Designs   |   Fox jacket   |   Vintage clock   |   Handwoven cushion   |   Flower print


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  1. That's brilliant, well done! That site looks interesting, I'm going to go and have a nosy... x


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