The year in books - April

Phew, I am making this post by the skin of my teeth. I blame my book choice for March ;-) 

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an amazing book! It had such an impact on me, and I kept formulating a post in my head about it, but somehow whatever I came up with just didn't do the book justice. It's a story about love and race, and as a Coloured person - politically correct people out there don't freak out, read the definition here - it really, really had an impact on me. Ironically I wasn't that aware of race and discrimination growing up in apartheid South Africa. It's only once we returned to South Africa a few years ago that I've given more thought to race and racism, and the impact it has had on our lives. About how things in South Africa have changed so much for a lot of people and yet for others it hasn't at all. 

Out of the four books I chose for April, I've only read one and a half. The Food of Love Cookery School was the perfect antidote to Americanah. Light and fluffy, I devoured it in two days. It's about four women, all at different stages in their lives, who come together at a cookery school in Italy. It's a lovely book, perfect for a weekend or holiday read.

I've also read half of The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul and to be honest, I don't think I'll pick it up again. It's an enjoyable enough book but it wasn't the page turner I had hoped it would be.

I haven't read The Valley of Amazement or The Corrections (but I'd like to). Instead I'm reading one of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's other books - Half of a Yellow Sun. It is heavy. I'm really enjoying it but it's about the civil war in Nigeria in the sixties, and it's a hard read. It's so, so good but I think I'm going to need some serious chick lit for my next book :-)

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  1. I loved Half of a Yellow Sun, but I know what you mean about it being a hard read...I used the internet quite a lot during that book to look up people and learn a bit more about who was doing what and when. I've had a look at The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul but not too sure if I'd like it, interesting to hear that you're not overly keen on it, the book looks like it could be good, but one of those risky choices!

    1. I've only just realised there's a 'Yellow Sun' movie. As much as I loved the book I don't think I'll be watching it. x

  2. This is the second brilliant revere of Americanah that I've read today. Definitely on my list!

    1. It's so good - I can't stop raving about it! x

  3. Another for my must read list ... Bee xx


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