I've been a busy bee

Hello lovelies! I've been working away on some new designs while the The Boy is at school and Baby O naps. I've got a load of laundry in the machine that needs hanging, and piles of clean washing to pack away, but don't you agree that blog posts are far more important? Although it's not like I need an excuse to ignore the housework anyway ;-)

I've just reopened my Etsy shop and have been having so much fun with the designs. There so many ideas lurking in my head - if only I had the time to do them all! Most of the prints for sale are instant downloads so that means no shipping costs. Hooray! And no trips to the post office for me which I'm sure Baby O will be happy about :-)

There's also a new section for personalised prints. Meet the Happy Apples :-) 

I hope you like them!  I'll be hosting a giveaway soon (best pack the laundry away first ;-) ) so keep your eyes peeled.

You can visit my Etsy shop here and my Society6 shop here. Thanks for visiting! :-)



  1. These look amazing Col, I especially love that first one! Such a good idea to do instant downloads too. Off to take a peek now. xx

    1. Thanks Caroline! Instant downloads are just so convenient for me right now. Hopefully when the baby is older I'll be able to offer actually prints too. x

  2. Gorgeous ... the first is my favourite although they are all pretty special ... off to take a peep in your shop ... Bee xx

    1. Thank you Bee :-) Hoping to update the shop with some new designs soon. x

  3. These are fantastic! Great idea to do personalised prints, they will sell well for sure. And I agree blogging trumps housework any day! x


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