It must be love

It's that time of the year again! Do any of you have any exciting plans to celebrate Valentine's Day? Mr Hello Olive and I don't do much to celebrate it these days (we'll cook a nice meal at home) but before the kids arrived we used go out for dinner. (We didn't ever exchange gifts though - thank goodness, because I have enough trouble thinking of ideas for his birthday and Christmas pressies!) I had lots of fun putting together a heart inspired treasury on Etsy today (the images above are just a snippet of it. You can view the entire treasury here). There's so much loveliness out there at the moment for those of you who do exchange gifts. Hope you all have Happy Heart Days tomorrow :-)

Image credits: Tray   |   Heart stickers   |   Crochet heart ornaments



  1. We always stay at home. I think that, like New Year, Valentines is a night to avoid going out and enduring crappy set menus and inflated prices. We'll get some nice food and a bottle of wine and watch a DVD - rock and roll! I hope you and Mr O have a lovely time. :-) x

  2. Same here ... at home with some lovely food and wine ... hope you have a lovely evening with your hubby ... Bee xx


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