A year in books - February

The Shining Girls was my choice for this month's The Year in Books challenge. Written by South African author Lauren Beukes, it's set in Chicago, and is the story of a serial killer who can time travel (gulp!) and one of his victims. She survives his brutal attack and becomes obsessed with tracking him down. It was a good read - I really enjoyed it - but... there's a but, but I can't quite put my finger on what the 'but' is. Good thing I'm not professionally employed as a book reviewer ;-)

I think it's a good choice for a holiday read, or a Sunday afternoon when you're curled up next to a roaring fire but (there it is again!) while I really liked it I wasn't completely blown away. Has anybody else read it? It is a best seller though, so don't just take my word it! (I think at heart I preferred my other read for February probably because my expectations for this one weren't nearly as high.)

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  1. I haven't come across that book before but I do love some good crime fiction, it's always been my favourite genre. x

  2. Oh, I had heard of this one. Interesting that you weren't keen. x


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