My 2014 calendar picks

I've always been a bit of a procrastinator and unsurprisingly since having kids I've become even worse! I've been meaning to do a round up of my favourite 2014 calendars since last year and I, ahem, have only just got to it. At this rate I should be showcasing 2015 calendars instead :-) Above are a few favourites from my Pinterest board and you can see the rest of my pins here.

My absolute favourite though is this Family Calendar below. I've been using it for years now and every Christmas a kind friend (thank you!) sends me a copy from the UK. I'm sure I could buy something similar in South Africa but what I love about this one is that it comes with a pocket for every month. It should be used for storing things like bills and invitations but to be honest mine just ends up filled with clutter that I don't know where else to store! And then it gets moved from one month to the next but still, it's out of the way :-)

I hope you've enjoyed my calendar picks. Next year I'll try to share my favourites sooner :-)

(PS This post feels so rushed - sorry - but I have a teething baby on my lap and a big boy nagging to watch You Tube!)

credits:   cat calendar   |   tea towel calendar   |   seasons calendar   |   family calendar

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  1. Col I am amazed you find time to blog at all with two small children to look after full time! You've picked some gorgeous calendars here. The one with the pockets is genius. x


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