Daydreaming about my girl shed

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Hello lovelies, I'm not sure if anybody still takes the time to check in on my blog as I have been terrible at keeping it updated. If you're still out there, sorry! Motherhood has been keeping me quite busy - I can't believe I ever thought having one child was hectic. Now that I think about it, I had SO much free time. Lately I've been dreaming about when life will settle down a bit again and I'll have some more 'me time'.* Since I am outnumbered by boys in my family (the big Boy even wants a male dog!) I have decided that one day, when we have a big enough garden, I want a girl shed. Because, as I have come to realise, our home is already cluttered with all sorts of boy toys and it's only going to get worse ;-) I've even started this Pinterest board for inspiration. I'm not exactly sure what I'll keep in it but it'll definitely need a kettle, lots of cushions (that won't get used for pillow fights) and a comfy sofa (that'll be safe from bread crumbs). And a door that locks ;-)

* I love love love my family to bits but it is nice (and necessary) to have some time grown up time, don't you agree?



  1. Ooh I lOVE the idea of a girl shed and this one is especially cute! xx

  2. Oh yes ... where can I get one? More power to me time ;) ... Bee xx

  3. I am so happy that you are back as I've missed you! And that shed would be wonderful. I have Mondays and Tuesdays to myself and I love that quiet time just for me. Your 'me' time will come soon Col when the boys get bigger which gives you time to build your girl shed!

  4. Yes, I agree. We all need some space and time to ourselves. When my two were the age your two are, there was no way I could have written a blog! When my eldest started afternoons at nursery and my youngest had a good two hour afternoon nap, I felt like I got a bit of my life back.

    So good to see you back here - thank you for all your lovely comments lately. I am in love with your idea of a girl shed, it sounds fabulous. x

  5. ooh yes, I want one of those too :) have you seen the Junkaholique blog? Artemis has a lovely shed :) x


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