A bug's life

We've got such a teeny tiny garden and I (naively) wasn't expecting so many little creatures to be sharing it with us when we moved in late last year. There are lots of lovely wild things visiting our patch of grass: squirrels, birds, bees, praying mantises, butterflies and geckos. And a very large lizard that lives near the washing line and always gives me a heart attack whenever I am out hanging the laundry. (Yes, I know, I am a wimp!) The Boy loves seeing all the creatures and thankfully he is gentle and kind when he spots them.

However we also have the horrible creepy crawly variety of visitors: ginormous spiders, flies, fishmoths (yuck) and mosquitoes. But still, it could be worse: a friend found two venomous snakes in her garden last year, and a friend of a friend found scorpions in her flat (including in her bed)! Eek. I think I'll stick to flies thanks :-) 

Also, I'd just like to say a big welcome to my new followers :-) And to my new and regular readers so sorry I haven't been responding comments lately. We've got a house guest and Mr Hello Olive is away on a business trip, so things have been rather hectic in our household, but I love and appreciate all your comments!

Right, off to hang a load of laundry. Fingers crossed my lizard pal is off exploring other parts of the garden :-) Hope you enjoy my Etsy bug finds...

Wasp and Moth brooches by Art Mind   |   Bowl by Circa ceramics   |   Tea plate by Emilou Makes
Print by La Farme   |   Print by Littlegreenshed



  1. Love bugs! Great finds, give my best to Mr Lizard :)

  2. Oh what the heck is a fishmoth?! Ha, I hate moths but I do like your bug picks. x

  3. I love bugs, but that's UK bugs, I'm less sure about some of the more exotic varieties, especially the dangerous ones!

  4. A fishmoth!? Sounds rather horrid :) I'm such a wimp too. Saw a grass snake in the egg box and screamed the place down. P.s. thank you for featuring my cushion! xxx

  5. Fishmoth ... the mind boggles ... love your etsy bug picks ... my eldest would have a ball in your garden ... he loves a bug hunt ... Bee xx

  6. I LOVE. I Need!


  7. Eek scorpions in her bed... that's not good! Though having lizards and geckos in your garden must be kind of sweet. Great Etsy bug finds, I love that yellow striped bowl. xx

  8. I love your etsy bug finds. But the bugs in your garden...noooo! I have no idea what a fishmoth is and never want to find out!

    Gillian x

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! A fishmoth is actually called a silverfish (I didn't know that)! They're harmless but they eat clothes, books etc. Very annoying little pests. x


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