Happy Monday everybody! Hope you all had great weekends! I had a busy Saturday and a chilled Sunday so a rather good combination. Thanks for all your lovely comments about The Boy's first day back at school. It is always more nerve wrecking for us than them isn't it? Sometimes I think he is so little to be going to nursery but I remind myself that it's only for a few hours in the morning and he needs to socialise. And I need a break too because I can get quite grumpy when I don't get enough 'me-time' :-)

Lately I've been...

Drawing on the moon with The Boy. If you fancy some moon doodling then you can download it here.

Attempting to 'garden'. I'm quite useless and usually end up over- or under-watering so for now I am sticking to pot plants.

Laughing at The Boy's antics. He is turning into quite the comedian :-)

Enjoying my giveaway wins.

Drinking lots of hot water and fresh lemon.

Eating lots of home grown cucumbers. Our neighbour has a veggie garden and we're lucky enough to share in her spoils! This one is a funny shape because it grew between the bars of the fence.

Admiring this pretty flower before it grows into another cucumber. Or squash. See, I told you I was useless :-)

Hope you all have a great week! Right, off to do some house work. Oh, what a glamorous life I lead ;-)


  1. Love it all, I'm going to look into the moon drawing too but that cucumber is just like ours! :)

  2. Oh I love these shots Col - so nice to see some summer sunshine too! All we have is thick snow and grey skies. Love the Moon doodles too. x

  3. He he, that is one funny cucumber! But then isn't that the joy of homegrown, all the weird and wonderful produce!x

  4. What a lovely bright and fun set of photos! Fancy a doodle on the moon myself, perhaps I should!

  5. Great photos - so nice to see some sunny things, and I love the little peek into your life and home. Your pot plants are gorgeous, I like the way you've used retro cups as plant pots. And that cucumber is brilliant!

    Gillian x

  6. Great photos as always ... that cucumber is amazing ... and I love the moon doodling ... definitely soing it with my space obsessed eldest ... thanks for the link ... enjoy your week ... Bee xx

  7. Great photos and what a clever way of keeping the sun off your face. Bucket wearing will be a new craze :) xxx

  8. Gorgeous colours! And why do kids insist on putting buckets on their heads? We went on a cottage holiday last year and my girl spent a good couple of hours every day with a wire basket on her head. X

  9. Gorgeous bright pictures col. I just love your plant collection, the one in the vintage cup looks brilliant. Love that moon too, thanks for sharing. xx

  10. We are seriously getting into 'colouring in' round these parts. Also, I am quite jealous of your post!

  11. Drawing on the moon looks like great fun! Ooh a veggie garden next door... sounds perfect! x

  12. I love your little garden! I've been keeping a little plant alive that was left over by the previous occupants of our home. Luckily I don't think it needs a lot of water so I just water it when I remember!

    I am loving all the color inspiration on your blog! So lovely! Happy Monday!

  13. Hi there, I found your blog through the blog hop on ChantillySongs and I'm really enjoying it. I really like your mug-potted plants. I was thinking about donating some of my collection, but this is a much better idea ^.^ I hope you're having a nice day.



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