I'm still here...

Print by This Paper Ship

Hello friends, it's been a looong time hasn't it! It's partly because I can't find my blogging mojo and partly because the last few weeks have been spent packing boxes, and now that we've moved, very slowly unpacking them!

We're loving the new house and have the loveliest neighbours who also have a little boy. Very handy because The Boy has started missing his friends :-( We're only a 15 minute drive away but with everyone at play school (and nap times not coordinating) we haven't had a play date in a few weeks.

We've got our own teeny garden now and it's fab! It's not without its drawbacks though: this morning I was stung by a bee. Ouch! It was so sore but I guess I am lucky to have made it to my mid-thirties and only just experienced a sting. By the way don't you love the print above? It's by This Paper Ship and I've added some of their other prints that I'm liking. See more here (and have a wonderful weekend)! x

All prints by This Paper Ship



  1. Hello! Hope you find your mojo soon! And settle into your new home too xxx

  2. Hi Col, have missed you and hope you are settling in ok to your new home, Jo xx

  3. At last woman! And how can you have lost your blogging mojo - look what you found above! Stunning find. I especially love that girl with the flower print. I'll drop you an email over the weekend and we can have a quick catch up. x

  4. Ciao Jen,
    I miss you as a neighbour on the top of Hellocotton!!!. Come back!!!because you're the best!.
    Enjoy the weekend, baci, Eva of Fancy Windows.

  5. You always find the nicest of things lady! Happy to have you back :) xx

  6. Lovely to see you back Col ... I know the hassle of moving ... packing and unpacking ... we moved in nearly three years ago and just recently finished unpacking :) ... love the prints you found ... Bee xx

  7. Thank you lovelies for the comments. It's good top be back - I hope I stick around this time :-) x

  8. Good to see you back here Col, I've been missing you and your cheerfulness (and fab Etsy finds too). I love that bee print. I got stung by a bee for the first time a couple of years ago and yes, it hurts a surprising amount! How lovely to have a garden. Hope you are starting to settle in to your new home now. x

  9. So nice to have you back Col! Sorry you got stung but apart from that hope you are loving your new home! We are meant to be moving soon too but it's dragging on and now driving me mad! Anyhoo lovely to have you back and blogging x


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