Daydreaming of summer...

It's a bit of a cold grey day today and I have just spent the entire morning in a stuffy government building attempting to renew my passport. Phew, I need a huge dose of sunshine and fresh air, so I'm longing for a bit of summer. These pics were taken earlier this year around the flat... There aren't loads as The Toddler was going through a phase of not liking the camera, and to be honest, it can be so tiresome dragging my SLR around all the time. Anyway, I really must make more of an effort!

1. The Toddler in his splash pool. Look at that belly :-)
2. Flowers in the garden. I like the light in this shot.
3. Pomegranates in the neighbouring garden.



  1. Super belly shot! And to be able to grow pomegranates in the garden is amazing, I love them but they are pretty pricey. Summer will be with you before you know it, and we'll be back to grey wet days here (like normal!). x

    1. Pomegranates are pricey here too! If I could fit my hand though the fence I'd definitely nick some, hee hee! x

  2. I like the light in that shot too! It looks all magical and sparkley :) xx

  3. That little belly! That is a belly for kissing and blowing raspberries on! Gorgeous. Angus still has a bit of a baby belly and I adore it. Lovely photo of the flowers, looks like a hazy summer day - not long till summer for you now. x

  4. Aah, nothing like a little toddler belly for kissing and tickling! Gorgeous photos Col, we're having a bit of a summer now after weeks of rain, but no doubt we'll swap with you soon enough and you'll get the sunshine again. Hope you have a lovely weekend! x

  5. Lovely tummy! Pomegranates Yumm! Have a great weekend, Jxx

  6. Great pictures, that first one is very cute!
    I have nominated you for an award over on my blog, hope you dont mind. xx

  7. Hello! Just popping over from Scraps of Us... lovely to have found your blog. Great photos too. Great blog in general! Hope you're enjoying this proper summer weekend so far. x


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