A random act of kindness

Well, I don't know about all of you but I have had an interesting morning... I had a spat with a stranger! People stared! *cringe* There I was standing in a queue and minding my own business when some woman in front of me starting muttering to the sales assistant that I was irritating her, and could he help me first! Well, as you can imagine that irritated me and I said so. I told her she had upset me and she said, good, she was glad about it! I'm not proud about it but I lost it a bit and the sales staff had a go at me for having a go at the woman. And of course that upset me even more!

I wish I had been calmer about the whole situation but I have had it with rude people. I don't know if its like this everywhere, or maybe I just notice it more because I'm home with The Toddler* (and am out and about a lot) but people are just so unkind to each other. All the time.

But instead of complaining to the store, or my husband, I've decided that I am going to be kinder to strangers because that encounter this morning really upset me. I'm not talking about extravagant gestures - just simple things like holding a door open or saying thanks. And the first nice thing I am going to do is give away the Hello Olive Apple print below. It's printed on lovely recycled board and looks great in real life - even if I do say so myself ;-) All you have to is leave a comment. A nice one please - I'm feeling a bit sensitive :-) I'll pick a random winner this weekend.

(I've finally got a few items printed for my soon-to-open Etsy shop (yay) and this is one of the designs. Just need to get them all photographed and uploaded. Hooray!). 

Oh, and sorry for moaning but it feels good to get it all out :-)
Copyright Hello Olive Designs.

* The Toddler wasn't with me to witness the drama, thank goodness!


  1. Oh Col that's a horrible thing to happen, what an awful rude woman! But I love your response, you're so right, it's best to try to be positive and spread the love. Last time someone was rude to me - a foul man who stopped his car and got out and swore at me in front of my kids because I'd politely asked him to indicate when turning - I smiled sweetly at him and said 'I bet your Mum's really proud of you.' He didn't really know what to say to that! By the way, your apple print is gorgeous. Take care sweetie, hopr your day gets better! Rachel x

  2. Shame! That's horrible, the other lady must have been in one very bad mood but still its so immature of her to say something like that. The print looks great by the way, I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of your designs.

  3. Sorry you went through an unpleasant situation today... I know it hurts really bad and it's tough to ignore it and carry on. To all the rude people out there I would suggest to "kill them with kindness" :)

  4. Hello Helloolive,
    If you only knew how rude everyone here in Rome! Especially some shop assistants in the stores ... You know for so many years I worked in a clothing luxury shop in the heart of the city ... But even there, some of my colleagues were very rude.
    You know , i thik is a question of culture ... and family education.
    I was born in Barcelona (Spain) and the people there is more courteous to customers and also the people who buy respects the line to pay and is polite with other people. The kindness is in the DNA of a country, kindness means not being indifferent and respect your neighbor! Usually in South America, people tend to be very courteous. But here in Italy is terrible!!! This mornig i was in a shop and a manager (to call it in some way) has treated very badly her assistant in front of everyone!!!
    I think she will be rude even with me ,better go.
    Before i stayed so bad, but now I have a strategy, i answer politely and very calm when they hurt me, because they do not expect , I AM A LADY,YOU ARE A LADY, They are only rude!!!
    Baci,bellissima and have a nice afternoon

  5. Boo, that's horrible. At least you told her how you felt, so perhaps she'll think before doing it again to someone else! Looking forward to seeing your etsy shop, it is a mammoth task getting it all up there! Really like the apple btw! x

  6. Oh I'm cross too - what a nasty encounter. Don't shop there again and send them a massive complaint email/letter. Some people.......!
    Love the apple print, great colours! Is it on a white background? x

  7. i called someone on the bus an idiot for the second time in as many months yesterday. some doofus without kids complaining about gus again. i said "shut-up you idiot! get a life!" and i did not feel guilty at all. i think i'm getting used to it! last time it happened it shook me up. this time, water off a ducks back!


  8. So frustrating. I always wish I could think of something quick, clever and witty to say. It's one thing I love about living in France that everyone always greets each other in shops. There's always the odd one though! Your prints are gorgeous. Apples and triangles - my favourites:) x

  9. I also find it difficult to keep my mouth shut when people are rude to me, but I do find that when I am nice to them when they expect me to shout and scream at them they feel horrible for the way they appear in public. Even though it's INCREDIBLY hard at times, it's better to just grin and bear it....then afterwards let out a bit of a scream when you are alone :P

  10. What a meanie. I hope she tripped over her shoelace later that day (or slipped on a banana skin).

    But you are nice and that's all that counts. x

  11. In hindsight you probably should have said "How very kind of you Thankyou
    The shock value alone would have made you feel good and knocked her socks off

  12. Oh Col, that would have rattled me too. Bring on the niceness I say - that goes for everyone. I think that's the most positive way to handle it. I hope yr wk end is magic and can't wait for the opening of yr etsy shop.

  13. omg what could you have possibly done to irritate her in a queue?! She was clearly pre menstrual (preMENTAL as my other half says) and needed someone to take it out on. Well done for sticking up for yourself!
    Loving the print!

  14. I'm sending a positive message to say that I positively want to win one of your prints!
    Hope your Friday is better.

  15. Forget about horrid people like that! They don't deserve any of your time. I think your print is gorgeous. Hope everything is going well with your shop. Sending happy thoughts to you xxx

  16. Oh no! How awful. I hate confrontation. But well done for sticking up for yourself, and for turning it around into something positive. (You know, I think some people are just a bit mad, that's all there is to it). The prints are very, very nice. Have a great weekend. xx

  17. oh how horrible! What a rude woman. Your apple print is so lovely. I hope eveything is going ok with your Etsy shop, I cant wait to see your other designs. Have a great weekend. xx

  18. I am so sorry that happened to you. I love your response. I would say that you mad a"good choice".

  19. That's crap! But I also laughed too, cause we have all been there, what was her complaint, all I could come up with was a que of people doing the scene from the Full Monty in the dole office! Would n't she join in? I love the apples to bits! Well done :)

  20. What a horrible experience, it can be so frustrating when people are rude like that. It's not like being nice is that difficult, is it? Key thing to remember in those situations is you are the better person and karma will catch up with them in the end. And I'm sure your campaign of niceness to strangers will be infectious...soon enough there will be no more rudies out there!

  21. I Like you very much Olive :)
    Am I nice enough?^^

  22. awww I just found your blog (through Cranberry Deer), and I love this Apple Print!! It's so simple and cheerful - it's just perfect!





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