My neck needs cheering up

Ouch, I've done something strange to my neck and have been in agony all day. No wait, I'm exaggerating. As long as I don't actually move my neck I'm fine! Maybe a new necklace (or two) will help 'cause the painkillers definitely are not... And yes, I'm having a lovely time at my pity party :-)

1.  Cube necklace by Things Like Diamonds,   2. Bead necklace by A Merry Mishap,
3. Wooden bead necklace by Heute Schmidt,   4. Lightning bolt necklace by Fawn And Rose



  1. Did you move your neck suddenly? Sounds to me like you have pulled a muscle. I've done it before to my neck and it's so painful. You need heavy duty painkillers and a muscle relaxant! I like your necklace choices, especially that big yellow and blue bead one. x

  2. Oh no you poor love! A bath and wear a warm scarf. Osteopath? As for necklace I love the lightning bolt! Hope you get better soon. xxx

  3. Thanks Jen and Lou. I think I just slept in a strange position because I woke up like this this morning. Sigh, hope I don't have to go to the doctor. I'd rather have a massage :-) x

  4. When I did something similar to my neck the doctor gave me really strong pain killers to I would stop holding my neck in a funny position, making it worse. She also told me to get a massage so you are right! Hope you feel better soon and I think a necklace would definitely help ;) xx

  5. Oh no, get well soon. My neck does that sometimes in I sleep on it funny. Cocodamol helps (we've still got some left over from when John dislocated his knee) and it usually goes in a few days.

    Love the lightening bolt necklace! xx

  6. Ouch! Hope it's better soon. Perhaps if you wear all of those necklaces at once... ;)

  7. new necklaces are by far the best remedy. feel better!


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