Childhood Memories File

The Toddler started play school this year and his collection of crafty things has grown. A lot. (What you see in these pics is only a fraction of it.) He's very proud of his craftiness (and so are his parents) and always insists on sticking his artwork on the wall - although at this rate there won't be any space left for any grown up stuff :-)

Thankfully, my very lovely ex-colleague (yes, once upon a time I had a Real Job) sent me this handy Childhood Memories File. So now I can record all sorts of stuff about The Toddler as he grows up, and, most importantly, it has pockets (8 of them!) to store some of his super cute artwork. You can see more here (and there's a version for girls too). Thanks Karen!

(That's a slice of toast in the pocket in case you're wondering :-) And a toy car from when my husband was little.)

All pics except last one by Hello Olive. 


  1. Oh, I love posts like these. Your toddler has made some fab stuff, I adore the little car, so cute! We have stuff everywhere in our hosue - my five year old is so prolific that we have to have a weekly sort out of her artistic efforts some we keep, some we bin. I now have a massive box under my bed full of paper with bits of pasta stuck to them. x

    1. He loves the car too and often takes it off the wall so he can push it around for a bit :-D I'm sure when he's older we'll also have to do lots of clear outs. x

  2. Super art work- I still keep a lot of the boys stuff from the early days. I cherish them, Jo xx

  3. Totally brilliant! There is nothing nicer than kids art. They have no limits when it comes to imagination. Well done little toddler! xx

  4. That's a great idea. Over a couple of years of preschool, we've had boxes full of 'art', folders, frames on the wall, bags in the back of the cupboard...and if all else fails, sneaky trips to the garbage bin in the nighttime... ;) xx

  5. aww, love the drawings. My house was like that when I was little - on walls, doors, the fridge... everywhere! x

  6. You could always take pictures of a load of the artwork together and keep the photos instead. And keep the best stuff of course!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Such a lovely idea! Everything all together in one place, neatly arranged!x

  8. Thanks everybody, I'm sure The Toddler will be very happy to know you all like his artwork :-) x


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